The Matchbox Convoy Project

     Welcome to our site. The Matchbox Convoy Project is an effort to compile and list the models and variations of the truck and trailer combinations made under the Matchbox name in the 1:72 or smaller scale. This is a combined volunteer effort of dedicated collectors throughout the world, and is intended to be used as a reference site for other collectors.

This site is a work in progress, and will be updated as new models and variations are found and issued.

This site deals mainly with code 1 models (factory issued)
There are a few code 2 and 3 models shown, but they are far to many others out there to try and index here.

The Basics
What you need to know and how to speak the language.
Truck Cabs
The Guts
This is where we have the models posted
Convoy Index
by tractor/trailer
Convoy Index
by year
Straight Truck Index
select models only

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